Item No:PL2017-87

Item Name:CLEO 1/6th Scale Action Figure (Super Deluxe Set)


Status:sold out

Part List:
1)  1 x head sculpt (with synthetic hair) with comic book style-version of Coco as Cleo
2)  1 x TBLeague female seamless body with stainless steel armature 
       (Posable body with 28 points of articulation) and with removable feet
3)  3 pairs x interchangeable hands
4)  1 x one-piece armored bra and cloth lingerie-style costume
5)  2 x  ornamental sleeves
6)  1 pair x shoes
7)  1 x cloth cape
8)  1 x jeweled belt
9)  1 x armored neck collar
10) 1 x crown
11) 2 x snake-shaped arm bands (for upper arms)
12) 2 sets x arm bracelets for lower arms   (8pcs/set, two sets in two bags)
13) 6 x leg bracelets for ankles 
14) 1 x scepter
15) 2 x Egyptian dogs
16) 1 x throne chair
17) 1 x cushion for throne chair
18) 4-color packaging
19) 1 x comic book: GEKIDO #1 (Cover: B) Full color, 44 pages - Exclusive Limited Edition Collectors series)
20) 2 x posters double-sided (Exclusive Limited Edition Collectors series)

CLEO, all related characters and logos are a © and TM of Beyond Comics Holdings, LLC  2017.


CLEO: Guest starring super model/TV star: “Coco Austin” as CLEOGoddess of Seduction (A.K.A. The REAL Cleopatra). 
Using her powers to seduce and gain control over the minds of men, turning them into her slave-like puppets to carry out each of her missions, Cleo has astonishing ancient secret abilities.  To conceal her identity, Cleo shape-shifts into any female she so desires to utilize their skills and quench her thirst for ultimate supremacy.  She is the ageless warrior entangled in a web of espionage thwarted by an assassin she loves to hate and hates to love named; GEKIDO® who’s on the hunt for the RAVEDACTYL®, an ancient alien artifact that possesses a human, Pharrell, as its host, transforming him into an unstoppable weapon that holds the secrets of existence who will encounter the vigilante; CODE NAME: JUSTICE® who fights to discover the truth behind the conspiracies and corruption while the mysterious TRICITY uses her bio-tech arm-enhancements to try to destroy the Ravedactyl artifact before it falls into the villainous clutches of SUNDER and LORD SHINRYU.  Cleo must confront each of them in order to piece together the puzzle so that she can extract the elements they each possess by using her Ravedactyl-Scepter in order to become the ultimate ruler of the world (once again) before they stop her and time runs out.  

CLEO made her debut in BeyondComics.TV ‘s comic book; GEKIDO #1 at Comic Con, and was featured on countless TV shows with creator Graig Weich (E! Entertainment Television’s Ice Loves Coco, AMC’s Comic Book Men, The Howard Stern 100 News, 20/20 ABC News, The Huffington Post, Fox, CNBC and VH1). Cleo is created by both writer/producer; Brandon Wilson and artist/writer/CEO; Graig Weich (poster artist for Spawn #30 - Image Comics & HBO sponsored UAS award winner). 

BeyondComics.TV with TBLeague is proud to bring you the very 1st ever licensed Cleo 1/6th scale (12”) action figure doll, utilizing cutting-edge, seamless synthetic-skin technology with a steel skeletal inner-frame allowing for 28 points of posable articulation! 
(Look for our upcoming action figures (in the works) mentioned above, coming soon)

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